Project 4 Has Begun…

Project 4: Optimize your Site

Task: Optimize your site using Find out what the five highest impacting changes that you could make to your site are. Send these factors to your instructor. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ONLY USE WOORANK.COM ONCE WITH YOUR SITE. Woorank is not a free service. Your computer is given one free site submission a week. If you accidentally tested the service with another site than your own, then you will need to try again on another computer that uses a different internet connection.

  1. Go to and enter you site’s URL.
  2. Copy the URL for Woorank with your site in it.
  3. Paste that link in your submission document.
  4. List the Woorank for your site (e.g. 36.5 Woorank).
  5. List five high-impact changes you plan to make on your site or 10 low-impact changes or some combination of the two. Tell whether they are high- or low-impact. To determine the combination, assume high priority changes are weighted as 10 and low priority changes are weighted as 5. Your weighted changes should total 50 or more.
  6. Submit the document below by clicking on the “Open” button.
The purpose of this project is to prepare you for Project #5. This project will help you identify problems and elimate them before Project #5.


  • Learning SEO and changing your site to be more search engine friendly
Introduction to Social Networking
Videos Readings:
Social Media for SEO

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