Outline of Events

This week’s been an interesting one. I’m still not too sure of what I’m supposed to be doing, but I think I have it all down. This whole project seems a little overwhelming to me, but with this outline hopefully it won’t be too bad. It’s like they say- the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!

Here is an outline of the activities you will want to do while setting up your website:

Your main objective of the semester is to build and launch a web-based business that is successful and generates revenue. To help you do that, there is a series of projects that you will work on throughout the semester. Every week you are required to work on your projects (which, in turn, means you will be working on your business). To build a web-business, you will need to do the following:

  1. Choose a product
  2. Build a company website that:
  • Accepts online payments
  • Uses Google AdWords
  • Uses search engine optimization
  • Uses web analytics to help track the success of your website

Project 1: Choose a Product

Task: Choose a product, good, service, or advertising for a good or service. Fill out a multi-tab spreadsheet that addresses brainstorming, demand, competition, suppliers, start-up costs, time requirements, profit potential, and recommendations. More information will be available during Lesson 1.


  • Obtaining inventory soon enough to start the business
  • Finding something that will sell on the Web
  • Being able to afford it

Project 2: Build a Website

Task 1: Obtain a host for your website


  • Obtain a low price, but not be locked into to it for longer than you want
  • Get the domain name thrown in if possible

Minimum Costs: $5 a month

Task 2: Choose a site builder


  • Choosing one that is easy enough for you to use
  • Choosing one that is flexible enough to do what you need it to do and what the instructor needs you to be able to do (make some changes to the html so you can do what you need to track your successes in search engine marketing)

Minimum Costs: Usually included in the hosting cost

Task 3: Choose a domain name


  • Finding one that is memorable and strengthens your brand

Minimum Costs: $10

Task 4: Create a website for your business


  • Putting in the necessary time to learn the site builder and build a credible site

Minimum Costs: TIME

Task 5: Enable your site so transactions can be done on it


  • Determining how to integrate your site with a third party
  • For example, integrate your site with PayPal so it can take credit cards or become an affiliate of another company or integrate Google AdSense so you can get paid for advertising on your site

Minimum Costs: TIME

 Project 3: Create a Google AdWords Account

Task: Create a Google AdWords Account to help drive traffic to your site. Submit a screenshot of the campaign that you created and send it to your instructor.


  • Learning AdWords and changing your site to be more AdWords friendly

Project 4: Optimize your Site

Task: Optimize your site using woorank.com. Find out what the five highest impacting changes that you could make to your site are. Send these factors to your instructor.


  • Learning SEO and changing your site to be more search engine friendly

 Project 5: Optimize your Site

Task: Optimize your site to help it move up in the organic search engine listings by implementing the suggested high impact changes from woorank.com. Compare your score to your previous score. List the changes that you’ve made, and why you think that they helped your score. Submit this observations to your instructor.


  • Learning SEO and changing your site to be more search engine friendly

Project 6: Install Google Analytics

Task: Install and use Google Analytics on your site


  • Installing may be a challenge for some sites

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